Danielle Presseault

I am a pastor's wife - yes, but I am so many other things. First and foremost a child of God; saved by grace. I am incredibly thankful to God for accepting me just as I was, and for cleaning me up from the inside out. He's not finished yet, but I trust that He will continue the good work in me until I'm as shiny as an old copper penny.

My desire is that you see your own stories in mine. I have found hope, love and acceptance in a God who cares for me and I hope the same for you.

Insights from a Pastor's Wife at Midlife

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I serve as the Associate Pastor of Outreach & Evangelism at Greenbelt Church. Check us out at Church Online.


Learn more about my first book, The Ripple Effect.

Each month my husband and I interview leaders from the community to bring Good News stories front and center.

Get in touch with me at danielle.presseault@gmail.com